garbage. yeah yeah yeahs. abba. portishead. daft punk. Grimes. hole. nirvana. Lady Gaga. Bjork. David bowie. Matthew dear. white stripes. Robyn. the smiths. and, like, so many others.

80s, 90s, neon, grunge, alternative, pop, dance, punk, disco.

Juno is a queer singer-songwriter and multi-media performance artist born in LA, raised in Chicago, and living in NYC.

Self-described as 'sex dungeon meets pop princess', Juno's music is alternative pop magic.

Juno is an advocate for breaking rules, self-love, sexual liberation, mental wellness, and not taking yourself too seriously.

"Worth isn't defined by others, especially not by fitting the status quo. Worth is defined by authenticity and making yourself happy. If you know you're a star, then own it with every fiber of your being and the conviction of the world. One day, people will see you for who you are. Why? Because you showed them." 

- Juno Star