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80's music, grunge, alternative, pop, dance, punk, disco, queer stuff, bdsm, love, heartbreak, rule-breaking, spirit.



At 5 years old, donning a black velvet dress, high heels, and a huge single-flower head piece, Juno Star performed ABBA's 'Mamma Mia' at the local (and conservative) lip-sync contest in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Although it felt like an instant triumph, executed with killer instinct and stunning choreography, Juno lost to a young girl performing a classic rendition of 'Bye Bye Birdie'. Juno walked away without a trophy, but learned a valuable lesson...

"Worth isn't defined by others, especially not by fitting the status quo. Worth is defined by authenticity and making yourself happy. If you know you're a Star, then own it with every fiber of your being and the conviction of the world. One day, probably long after you've left the theatre, someone will see you for all your worth. Why? because you showed them."

Juno is a queer identifying singer-songwriter and multi-media performance artist born in Los Angeles and raised in Chicago. After writing music for more than 10 years, while working as an actor and writer (in addition to some seriously questionable jobs), the Star has finally landed with the debut release 'The Chain'.

Juno never fit the status quo and struggled immensely during adolescence. Considered a bad student, bullied for being 'different', and losing a parent at a young age, Juno struggled to find a hopeful path. But, one thing always remained; to make art is to breathe.

Following a tumultuous upbringing and a series of cross country moves, Juno accepted a talent contract in Chicago and worked in television for a few years. Eventually growing tired of the industry, Juno decided to return to school.

In 2017, Juno moved to New York to attend Columbia University, but eventually dropped out (Columbia is expensive dude) to work with local artists and producers in New York.

Inspired by the New York scene, Juno's style and voice have developed into a brand of their own. Driven by genre fluidity and self-described as 'sex dungeon meets pop princess', Juno's music is queer, glam, pop, grunge, dance and alternative.

2020 is the official debut of Juno Star, showcasing singles that exemplify the skills and fluidity of the singer-songwriter, so LOOK OUT! Juno Star is an advocate of breaking rules, self-love, sexual liberation, mental wellness, and not taking yourself too seriously.